Increase your presence with our aerial photography service, ideal for any type of occasion.

We provide an aerial photography service in different angles and perspectives for your bussiness, advertising campaigns or any other type of event.

We deliver standard or panoramic photos, 360º or 180º in high resolution for any support or purpose.


Take advantage of our video service to capture your audience attention with our stunning images captured from different angles and perspectives.

We perfom aerial video capture for indoor or outdoor purposes for any market niche or occasion.

We can deliver high resolution video up to ultra HD 4K in the original format footage or edited with post-production.


In the post-production service we can edit your videos and photos in order to deliver a professional and appealing service to successfully reach your audience.

Post-production is definitely crucial and indispensable step for delivering a complete and appealing service.

Without it your videos or photos will not offer the same impact and performance on your audience.

infrastructure inspection

Inspection of structures and buildings, roofs, industrial installations, communication antennas, high voltage cables or suspended electrical networks.

aerial mapping

Aerial mapping of lands, infrastructures or points of interest. Detailed analysis of small and large areas with a high level of spatial resolution.

transport and mobility

Aerial capture for the transportion market and urban mobility. Shipyards and maritime infrastructures, railways and road systems.

leisure and tourism

Aerial images for the tourism and hospitality sector; hotels, tourist resorts, local accommodations, tourist points of interest or related events.

art and culture

Aerial capture and coverage of events related to art and culture; concerts, festivals, urban art and indoor or outdoor exhibitions.

sporting events

Footage capture of sporting events, promotion for sport events and associations, sport infrastructures or other events related to sports.

about us

With background in multimedia and in the hobby of drones since 2014, it was through the passion and in enthusiasm for these two areas that we decided to provide a service to companies and individuals looking for exclusivity and creativity for their projects.

Thus was born Dronie Views, comforably combined with the knowledge and wisdom we have in multimedia and drone operations.

The goal it is not just delivering a service, the secret is definitely in the way we approach each project. It is all about building a plan and approaching what and how we want to convey on behalf of the client to his audience.

We offer aerial image capture services tailored to each project, we have the ability to capture, edit and  make the post production of the material captured by our cameras or simply provide the original footage to the client.

All our drone pilots are certified, registered and authorized by the competent national and European entities to carry out flights with unmanned aircrafts.